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We can help inspire health & performance at your workplace and improve productivity by eliminating post lunch slump with our balanced catering services.

May be you are just starting to discover new and exciting ways to offer lunch at your work or perhaps you are ready to redesign the way your teams eat lunch. Either way, the Caterer can help you bring balanced lunch meals right to your workplace. Over time you will find that everyone at your workplace will feel better and get more done when you eat right.

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Our Food Psychology

Food is our passion. Whether it’s in the workplace, at a social event, at a noisy canteen, at a wedding, or at a food fest, the Caterer will serve you.more...

Our Hi-5 concept incorporates 5 lifestyle practices:

Remember to nourish your body


Remember to move for at least 30mins every day


Remember to drink 2 litres of water everyday


Remember to have 7-9hrs of sleep every night

Balance through Mindfullness

Remember to pause, think & balance your choices

Ultimately, eating to improve your health but also to satiate your senses is a balance we know that we can help you reach.

Our Playground
“To inspire healthier communities through mindful eating”

This is where we play – our state-of-the-art kitchen is where we serve all our clients from.

In line with our mantra “to inspire healthier communities through mindful eating”, we source, plan, bake & cook appropriately portioned meals & snacks that follow our food psychology.

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Our Management Team


Our team of chefs, dietitian & strategists are keen to make their mark in helping individuals perform at their peak, look & feel better. We see health & balance as a result of small choices revolving around our Hi-5 concept, which helps achieve overall wellness.


Iqbal A Khan


Iqbal Khan is the founder & visionary behind two already successful brands – Curry Box & Oriental Box. He is a creative blend of vision & humility. Being a self-proclaimed entrepreneurship junkie, he is now venturing into this concept that he believes will operate in the under-populated space between health food catering and the commercial catering ventures. Iqbal’s focus will be on making the customer experience brilliant, while keeping a sharp eye out for industry’s best practices.


Faisal Bhakhit Alketbi


Faisal is instrumental in partnering with Iqbal to establish the already successful brands – Curry Box & Oriental Box. Faisal is a true food lover and is adventurous with his choices. Whenever he travels, what he likes to spend most of his time trying out new restaurants, food concepts & cuisines. This love for food originates from his grandmother who is an accomplished chef and has spearheaded a lot of weddings & high profile gatherings for prestigious families in the UAE. She is supposed to be a culinary expert at heritage Emirati recipes and one of Faisal’s foremost passions is to curate these recipes and keep them alive. Being attached to this project is the beginning of this journey for him. He is a Masters Degree holder in Finance and has completed successful assignments with many government organizations like the Royal Kitchen of H.H. Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, The Nuclear Authority of UAE and most recently attached with the Prime Minister’s Office.

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